Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My day today.

It was one of those days, that reminds me why I stay home and don't go anywhere with Josh and Azalea.

First off I love these kids, I love seeing how they play together. They play, scheme, jump off things. They really don't fight.

It is teacher appreciation week at Caleb and Marysa's school. I said that I would be the room mother, I really didn't want to be but no one else would. It isn't that I didn't want to but I have Josh and Azalea as my children and I have no sitters so it makes it hard to go to the school when I feel like the whole time I am chasing 2 little kids.

Today was no exception.

Let me go back. I was already a little stressed because I could not find Azalea's shoe's. I can never find them. She takes them off where ever she wants too. I usually have many pairs of her shoes in the van, but they were not in there either. I found one flip flop in her closet and I remember seeing one in the van. So that is what she wore. Being pregnant I was not happy that I had to look for them. Or the fact that I always am looking for them.

I had more errands that I need to run after I helped with the teachers class. It was time to leave and she ran off. Took awhile to find her. Josh was not happy and would just fall to the floor. I wish I could just use those leashes they have to keep hold of your kids. I did try that once but I felt like I was walking to huge dogs and I didn't care for the starring.

Back to my day after I found her and had to scream at Josh not to run in the road we were off to hopefully finish the other errands I had to run before Caleb and Marysa got home form school. It was really out today so I didn't have as much time.

I need gas, which is what it is. I hate that it is up to 3.00 a gallon. Anyways my debit card would not read so I had to take time and go inside and see why. The lady behind the counter said it is because it is a credit union debit card and that why. They won't pre authorize it so I have to go in a leave my card feel up go back and get my card. More time wasted.

Finally I am back in my van. We get to the bank, Azalea once again has her shoes off. It is slightly raining and you know what I did I told her just to hurry and run to the door. We were really close to it.

My kids ran around in circle while I talked to the bank teller. Good thing we were the only ones there.

Time for lunch. I take the kids to Carl's Jr. So they can play. Bad mistake there. A word of advice if your kid is to busy playing to eat they are most likely to busy to go to the bathroom. Yes my 4 year old peed in the play area. I almost would rather had her do the last time we where at Carl's Jr and that is not tell me she had to go to the bathroom and go find it herself and uses the men's restroom all by herself. Maybe I should just not go to Carl's Jr. These to incidences happened about a year apart. If you haven't noticed I ramble alot.

In my humble state I go and tell the worker that my daughter peed in the toy area.
So the rest of my errands had come to a end. Home we went.

The rest of the day went.
Azalea stop jumping on the couches.
Azalea stop jumping off the deep freezer
Azalea stop picking up the cats.
Azalea go get panties on.
Josh usually is joining her. Except for the panties part.

Azalea is so wild yet so kind. She is willing to share. Says thank you all the time. Which is so sweet. Doesn't really fight with anyone. Doesn't talk back. (like her older sister Marysa, which Marysa has been doing since she was born).

To top off all I am pregnant which is a great thing. But I am so irritable today. So it just magnified everything. I am still super worried about my baby and I let my anxiety get the best of me some days.

At the end of the day. My kids still make me smile and I realize this to shall pass yet most the time I don't want it to pass. I love having little kids. Oh and did I mention that as I sat down to write on the computer I noticed someone had colored with black crayon on the screen.


  1. i am so sorry. where is the stroller i gave you? guess what we got a dog!! I love you

  2. Oh man. What a horrible day. It's the worst when you feel like everything's going against you especially when everything's hard anyway! Sorry about that. I have days where I think I'm going to blow the lid, and I just hope for a better day the next day. Hope today is better!

    And, we're coming out in August--around August 4-15th. Hope to see you? When are you due, again?

  3. I totally used a leash with Carson (it had a puppy backpack). I'm so glad that I FINALLY don't have to use it for him. You know, just in time for Kait to grow into it.. hahaha

    Ahhh, the joy of having crazy kids. :-D

  4. Makes me tired just reading it! I'm in trouble when Brooklyn can walk.